Vanessa's Story

God revealed to me most of the roots of my brokenness. The two top revelations God has shown me during the retreat were the root of my dark words and how much He loves us.  He showed me that it was actually because of being verbal abused, [that] I intend to do it back to other people
God is truly the only amazing healer, I have tried a lot of alternative healing[,] including new age healing prior to coming to Christ, nothing worked.  Cleansing stream helped me walk closer to Him and begin to know His heart for us…..We are all broken pieces one way or the other, knowingly or unknowingly, but isn’t it great to know that we have the best healer we would ever need, and His love is so sufficient, that we are new in Christ?  I recognized that we are all His workmanship in progress, and how beautiful is our craftsman… who mourns with us in sorrow, who put His hands onto our scars, deepest wounds, it is in my brokenness that I get to see the completeness of Him and that there is no scar too big for God to heal.